Stone Temple Pilots Reveal Why They Can’t Play ‘Wonderful’ Without Scott Weiland


Photo credit: Corey Hickok

Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt revealed why STP are currently deciding not to play the Shangri-La Dee Da classic “Wonderful” in a new Metro Times interview.

Looking to the future, there are a few STP songs that haven’t made it onto the setlists because, for Gutt, it’s personal. “Sour Girl,” Gutt admits, is tough for him because of where Weiland was in his life when it was released. “Scott had just got out of jail,” he explains. “It’s about one of his ex-wives and he’s calling her a ‘sour girl’ — to sing that is a little uncomfortable for me.” And 2001’s “Wonderful” remains off the table because it feels too much like Weiland’s autobiography.

“There’s enough hits that we can sustain ourselves for a little while before we do something special for Scott,” he says. “Other than that, I’m not really trying to go out of my way to get to those yet.”

What is perhaps most remarkable about Gutt’s journey isn’t so much how he got here or how long it took, but moreso it’s the task he has been entrusted with — and the fact that in only a few short months, he has proven himself not just worthy but fully capable.

“We are finally looking forward to hope and creativity rather than being tragic,” Robert DeLeo says of STP’s future with Gutt. “Great things come out of tragedy.”

STP have only played “Wonderful” live a handful of times, with the last performance being on April 23, 2002 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. STP played the song live in 2001 with Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington on vocals.


  1. I think of “Still Remains” as the quintessential Weiland song. Just my opinion. However, it’s a slippery slope. If they start saying, “We can’t play this because the lyrics were meaningful to Scott”, when does it stop? If the lyrics weren’t meaningful to him, he wouldn’t have written them in the first place.

    • I agree, play them all or don’t play anything. I prefer they play nothing as long as Gutt sings. He’s too much a wannabe plus to know that you can do those song far more justice than that fruitcake just makes me sick.

    • I’d say “hello, it’s late” is my favorite. Just love that and interstate love song from storytellers. Perfection

  2. I don’t see why not. They are basically a tribute band now. If people didn’t want to hear Jeff Gutt sing Scott’s songs, they wouldn’t come to the shows.

    • Exactly, that’s why I’ll never go to one of their shows. I’ve seen them so you close and personal during the purple tour, Vatican gift shop tour, and the #4 tour. Those we’re the shows! Disturbed opening for STP! Local H opening for STP. Meat puppets and red Cross opening for STP! You just can’t put together better shows! The tour with STP, stained, and Linkin Park. I was so smart and lucky to get those tickets and see those shows when I did. Between everyone dying and Gene Simmons saysing rock is dead…it must be right?

    • It’s stp karaoke now. That’s an easy pass when you’ve seen the best, play it the best, everything else is just a waste of time. It works for some bands but not STP. Not Soundgarden. AIC sort of works but that’s because Jerry lays down great vocals himself. Not to take away from Layne but AIC could still have been a band without Layne but that would be like having chocolate cake with no frosting.

  3. Agree Allison. Chester Bennington sang Wonderful and Sour Girl with STP, maybe the Deleos don’t feel these are Gutt’s strong suit or are having issues with the harmonies.

  4. Hello It’s Late is such a beautiful song!! I listen to it several times a day. I love him in the video. Best I think he had ever looked and his voice could soothe a lion in this song. It’s my first pick these days. Atlanta is very personal as is Still Remains. Those two make me cry because they relate to my life in a painful way. I respect Jeff’s decision to not sing a few of Scott’s songs. I think it shows the compassion in Jeff and I love that!

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