Rigor Mortis/Warbeast Vocalist Looks Back On Music Career



Rigor Mortis were  one of the most underrated thrash band’s of all time. This horror themed Texas heavy weight has influenced many great bands, most notably Pantera. I was recently able to speak with former vocalist Bruce Corbitt on his other band, Warbeast’s final album as well as other topic’s including horror films and his retirement.

How did the writing process for later final album album go and how would you compare this to the other album?


It went well. Phil Anselmo recorded it like always in his studio, Nosferatu’s lair. I guess the difference is the first one was mostly songs we had for awhile while on this one most of these songs were written on the spot. After the record is done we have to learn them live haha. We knew what we wanted with this album and are very pleased with the final results.


I’m guessing you have a good relation with Phil since he put out all the Warbeast material and guested on the Rigor Mortis track demons.


Our friendship dates back to the 80’s when he came here and joined Pantera. We hung out quiet a bit back in those days. Then in 2007, Rigor Mortis toured with Phil’s band Arson Anthem and we got caught up on each others lives. I told him about Warbeast and gave him a demo, he loved it and had us a deal with Housecore records. Housecore is like a big family,Phil is like a brother to all of us. He has our back and we have his back.


I heard part two of the Rigor Mortis documentary, Welcome too Your Funeral: The Story of Rigor Mortis is coming out soon?


Yep. Part 2 is coming out sometime next year.Phil will be doing the narrating.


Since you have retired from the music world, what would you say you are most proud of as a musicians.


Well the shows are always fun, but the cds are what last forever.Years from now long after we are all gone. I am proud of all my releases. I’m lucky to have good musicians around me. Every song I sang on I thought was a really good song.We had some big shows i’m glad we got to do such as playing Ozzfest and doing a european tour with Down. I’m very blessed to be part of all these great moments.


What are you favorite songs too play live?


For Warbeast it’s “Birth of a Psycho”.For Rigor Mortis, “Bodly Dismemberment”


What would you say your top 5 horror films are?


Well i’ll stick with the old school stuff that got me into it. I’ll go with Texas Chainsaw,Exorcist,Evil Dead, Re-animator and Return of the Living Dead. I like so many but these five mean the most to me.