Previously Unreleased Video From Chris Cornell’s Phone Will Melt Your Heart


A rare video recorded by Chris Cornell on his phone recently surfaced following his passing. In the video, Cornell wishes Nile Rodgers a happy 60th birthday. The video was recorded in September 2012. Watch below!

The Promise producer Eric Esrailian discussed Chris Cornell in a new People interview.

“We met about 10 years ago, when they were living in Los Angeles, through our friends in the Greek community; he became one of my best friends in the world. He was like a big brother in many ways, who went off to college. I wouldn’t see him all the time, but when he was back in L.A., he would check in and we would see each other, then he was a really close confidant during the whole process of making the film.

I’m a physician, so I relied on people who know a lot more than I do about creativity, towards trying to take this idea and make into a reality. Chris was a master of that, of taking ideas and bringing them to life. It’s just heartbreaking that he’s not here to see the impact that his music will have.”


  1. that video and his blurb from the other video with Clooney really open these wounds. Whether it was 5yrs ago or within last couple of months, he seemed so hopeful. His lyrical body of work suggests this outcome was inevitable, but then you see vids like this and maybe the meds played a bigger part than i thought in those final moments.

    i’ve been thinking about the bodyguard Martin recently and how much thing must weigh on him. If it had taken longer to fix the computer maybe he may have noticed the change in Chris’ behavior. How brutal is it to be paid to protect this guy and the last exchange they had was prob “There you go Chris, your computer seems to be working now, you have a good night and i’ll see you in the morning”, then he walked to his room feeling accomplished from knowing he did his job. The last thing he ever would have thought was that he had to protect Chris from himself.

  2. @ billy, wow, that comment about chris’s bodyguard, and how he could have never thought he had to protect Chris from himself, i was speechless, it made me cry, i see your perspective, crystal clear. God bless to everyone.

  3. No .in my opinion you got wrong. They will find him guilty of murder, HE
    KILLED CHRIS Just look at the time line and coroners reports. Things
    don’t match up esp the time line of that night. Who was he fighting with
    before the concert to pull a chuck of his hair out on back of his
    head. Its not a balding spot I know that You can see it in his concert
    videos. or the pics. Who dosed with barbiturate ? Check it ! You will

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