Guns N’ Roses ‘Don’t Feel Comfortable’ With Chris Cornell Removal


Slash revealed in a new Classic Rock Magazine interview why Guns N’ Roses can’t remove their Chris Cornell tribute from the setlist, the Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun.”

“It just became something that we don’t feel comfortable taking out of the set now,” Slash says. Their epic versions of Layla and Wish You Were Here, meanwhile, are in there just because they like playing them. “There’s no message there,” he says. “It would be brilliant if I had a real reason, but there isn’t.”

While speaking with 5 years ago, Chris Cornell was asked what his recollections were of touring with Guns N’ Roses back in 1991.

“Without saying anything negative about Axl [Rose], what I remember the most was Duff [McKagan] and Slash and everyone else being regular, sweet, warm guys in a rock band that just wanted to play rock music,” recalls Cornell.

“And then, like, there was this Wizard of Oz character behind the curtain that seemed to complicate what was the most ideal situation they could ever have been in: They were the most successful and famous rock band on the planet. Every single show, hundreds of thousands of fans just wanted to hear songs. For some reason there seemed to be this obstacle in just going out and participating in that. That is what I remember the most. It’s sad.”

Cornell posted a photo of his daughter Toni wearing a Guns N’ Roses shirt on Twitter in 2016, so he appeared to have positive feelings about the band despite his criticism.


  1. Some of us did not feel comfortable with them ever putting it in. A different SG sound would’ve been a better tribute, but who asked them to do such a cover? Why did they think it was a good idea?

    • Axl has the range to do other SG tracks (despite him often sounding like Mickey Mouse these days). Of course they play the expected one. Almost all of the Chris tributes have been lame and unnecessary.

      • I agree with you. It would’ve been nice to hear another CC song too. Whether it a Temple song, Audioslave number, etc.

        I will hat tip the semi GNR reunion for playing long shows. Now the no-phone thing they have going, that’s another topic.

        • Didn’t realize they were doing the no-phone thing too. It’s wishful thinking but why try and pretend this isn’t the world we are living in? I’m sure Axl just doesn’t want more memes of himself created 🙂

          • It’s beyond ridiculous. GnR and Jack White can take someone else’s money. I’ll wait em out. It’s not like either is playing in a club of 100 people.

          • Right. Maynard Keenan is especially a dick about it- having people kicked out for merely glancing at their phones.

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