Eddie Vedder’s Wife Shares White House Protest Photo, Chris Cornell’s Relative Reacts


Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill shared the following photo on Instagram, which features a jersey with ‘Impeach 45’ on it, calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily commented on it: “My inspiration :))))))”

See the photo below.

Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill took her daughter Olivia and Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily to the Bonnaroo Festival in June. Olivia’s 13th birthday was on the Sunday of the festival, and her Dad Eddie Vedder and fans sang Happy Birthday to her from across the Atlantic ocean at Ed’s show in Ireland. Lily and Olivia were photographed with Chance The Rapper.

During a Pearl Jam Radio SiriusXM broadcast featuring Eddie Vedder in conversation with Mark Ian Wilkerson last year, an adorable recording of Vedder performing the Batman theme with his daughter Harper Moon was played. Listen below, via PearlJamOnline, demetrios, and Allon W.

Joe Buck shared an adorable photo on Instagram of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder reading Lucky Bastard to his daughters on a plane.


  1. ‘Adorable’ seems to be the word of the day on this site.

    There are other adjectives, you know.

  2. Shame on you Bret. Jill Vedder had asked that NO one share her IG photos. Her account was set to private for a reason. She has now shut it down.

  3. i would have thunk susan being the business gal she is, and this is really tangential, surprised she didn’t raise her daughter to find facts first, then call for impeachment!

    seems like a trendy thing to teach your 17 year-old and susan’s history was far from ‘trendy.’ of course i know, kids are impressionable and repeat what their friends say.

  4. Not gonna lie … when I first read “Chris Cornell’s relative reacts” I thought it was the mother in law going on another one of her incoherent rants.

    • As did I.

      I can’t understand why the site can’t just mention if it’s the mother-in-law, daughter, brother, or someone else from his family.

      At least then we know immediately who the article refers to.

      • Olga, it is because he knows none of us really care what MIL from hell has to say. If she is mentioned in headline folks might skip the article

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